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As an experienced U.S. Government Schedule 48 provider, Sibcy Cline Relocation Services works within exacting GSA pricing and service requirements to deliver outstanding government relocation services. Our expertise in corporate relocation allows us to offer fresh viewpoints and cost-saving opportunities to our government clients.


Pre-decision policy and entitlement counseling is available before your employees make the decision to move.  Counselors are trained in the FTR and are available to review the process, answer questions, and provide vital information to help your employee make the best decision.

653-1 Relocation Service Package

Appraised Value Sale
Under this program the employee receives a guaranteed offer that is based on two independent appraisals and inspections.

Amended Value Sales
Prior to accepting the Appraised Value offer the employee may accept an offer from an outside buyer while marketing their home. Sibcy Cline Relocation Services may purchase the home from the employee based on an offer and close the sale with the outside buyer. The advantage is a lower fee to the agency and an employee who feels they have received the true market value for their home.

Destination Area Services include the following:

Buyer’s Assistance: Make arrangements for employee to meet with an experienced agent at destination to help in the home buying process.

Mortgage Counseling: Make arrangements to speak directly with a mortgage consultant to explain what to expect in the mortgage process, types of home loans, and rates available. Pre-qualify employee to make the house hunting trip most productive.

Rental Assistance: Provide available housing and community information, rental rates and referral to a selected rental specialist.

Spousal Counseling: Offer relocation counseling to the spouse, explains the move process and provides general destination area information.

Management Reports: Create periodic and custom reports in various formats at the discretion of the ordering agency. Reports are generated from an extensive database of information from the Sibcy Cline Relocation Services tracking system.

653-4: Additional Services

Basic Cost of Living Analysis, Customized Management Reports

Enhanced Rental Assistance, Entitlement Counseling, Expense Management, Group Move Assistance, Property Management, Temporary Living

653-5 Agency Customization Services

Buyer Value Option (BVO)-This program allows the transferee to market the home with the full support of a professional home-sale team to get the maximum value. This option allows agencies to save costs and transferees to stay in a homesale program without interfering with report dates.

Special Handling: Properties ineligible or difficult to sell as defined in the SOW or as outlined in the FTR. Values of special handling properties are difficult to determine. In this situation, we would discuss in depth with an agency prior to initiation as part of our ongoing relationship. This program is designed to create options for agencies and accommodate transferees with unique residence circumstances.

653-7 Move Management Services

Sibcy Cline Relocation Services will manage the packing shipment, storage in transit if needed, and delivery of your employees’ household goods. This program involves detailed counseling that will determine the employees’ needs and explain the process. The Sibcy Cline Relocation Services counselor will monitor the entire process.

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