Global Services

Sibcy Cline Relocation Services has all the resources needed to support your employees relocation or temporary assignment abroad. We will develop or implement policies and procedures for a consistent and efficient expat program.

Our goal is the same as yours… that your employee’s assignment be a business success for your company, as well as an amazing personal experience for your employee and their family. Sibcy Cline Relocation Services will embrace your employee and their family throughout the assignment while using our global reach to provide the best resources for their every need.

Services Include:

Comprehensive Program Management
Sibcy Cline Relocation Services offers a full-service management program. We offer the complete range of services needed by an expat family including destination services, home-sale assistance, rental assistance, temporary housing, movement of household goods, expense tracking, immigration, and healthcare assistance.

Policy Development, Review and Implementation
Your company’s relocation policy document is the key component to an effective corporate relocation program. It sets expectations for the relocating employee and specifies the financial and service assistance offered. The policy also drives service, cost management, and administration of the process.

Alternative Assignment Options
In an ever-changing world, the global work force can have particular challenges. As organizations focus more on cost-management strategies and the need for increased flexibility for the global workforce, alternative transfer types are becoming more prevalent in place of the traditional, long-term international assignment. Sibcy Cline Relocation Services has placed clients for short-term assignments, as well as on extended international business travel and other alternative assignments. Economic, social, and technological shifts are affecting how HR handles relocations, and Sibcy Cline Relocation Services can be your partner to make each relocation a success.

Cost Projections
Sibcy Cline Relocation Services can help during the planning process by providing a realistic cost projection for each assignment. Projections can then be used to set relocation budgets and monitor expenses.

Assignment Letters
The Sibcy Cline Relocation team, working with internal staff, can prepare and obtain approval for your employee’s assignment letter.

Personalized Counseling Services
Every move is challenging, especially if it involves moving your employee and their family across the globe. Sibcy Cline Relocation Services is ready to research the unique concerns of your employee and tailor the counseling to best fit their needs, whether it involves a trailing spouse, schools for their children, or language issues. The Sibcy Cline Relocation Services team offers personalized solutions to make the employee’s move as worry free as possible.

Destination Services
Knowledge is key. Sibcy Cline Relocation Services can provide your relocating employee with the personalized services needed to meet their special needs and concerns from area orientation, home-finding coordination, school research and tours, and settling-in services to help reduce the stress of moving to a new country. Sibcy Cline Relocation Services can also coordinate language and cultural training.

Home Sale Services
Sibcy Cline Relocation Services can present traditional and non-traditional home sales assistance designed to fit your company policy and transferee needs. Sibcy Cline Relocation professionals will counsel the employee based on the level of home sale offered.

Property Management
With its vast real estate resources, Sibcy Cline Relocation Services can provide property management services for your employees during their assignment to minimize any worries while they are out of the country.

Household Goods Move Management
Moving means the shipping of your client’s most valuable possessions - their household goods. It’s more than just logistics; it’s an emotional process. Sibcy Cline Relocation Services can arrange for estimates, schedule the move, coordinate packing, loading, pick-up, delivery, and storage, all according to your company policy.

Temporary Living Coordination
Sibcy Cline Relocation Services will coordinate with corporate housing partners, or a licensed Realtor to help the transferee find suitable short-term housing (hotel, bed-breakfast, corporate housing or month-to-month rentals) or long-term housing.

Immigration and Tax Services
While your employee may never have lived out of the country before, the Sibcy Cline Relocation Services team has direct experience and expert knowledge on immigration and the financial and tax portion of the relocation process. Sibcy Cline Relocation Services will be your employee’s liaison with corresponding experts at their destination to ensure a smooth entry into the employee’s new country.

Expense Tracking And Auditing
Employees incur major expenses that need to be monitored and managed throughout their assignment. Sibcy Cline Relocation Services has an extensive tracking system that allows our clients to view in real time the expenses for each transferee. Our auditing process is designed around the client’s approved policies and services. No expenses will be approved for payment until they have been reviewed by an expense analyst.

Program Reporting
Every field of data, every service, and every dollar we manage for you is reported in a real-time, accessible, and secure, web-based environment. Whatever your reporting need, Sibcy Cline Relocation Services can meet it.

Group Move Coordination
Whether a new start-up, a merger, an acquisition, or an expansion, group moves are a critical business decision that must be carefully planned. Sibcy Cline Relocation Services provides a full range of detailed planning and services to make your move smooth and successful from the first visit to the first day of work.

Language and Cultural Training Coordination
Today’s internationally mobile workforce needs to be ready to do business around the globe, and often with little time to prepare. Sibcy Cline Relocation Services can coordinate programs customized to provide international managers and expatriate families with the necessary knowledge, tools, and strategies to effectively adapt and function in a diverse cultural environment. Research has shown that the inability to adapt to the host culture is among the most cited reasons for relocation failure. Let the Sibcy Cline Relocation Services team match your relocating employee with the intercultural training they need to achieve business success.

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